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Wayne Wonders F.A.Q's, make sure you get all the best info on how to make a brilliant children's party

This page has been updated for 2018

How much does it cost for Wayne Wonder to come to our event?

This really depends on the service im providing and where the event is.  Obviously booking me in Gloucestershire (where I live) is not going to cost as much as it would to do a show in Edinburgh.  Just get in touch and I can provide pricing straight away.

How much notice do you need?

Typically three months notice is about right but it changes all the time.  The Christmas Season is obviously the busiest time of year and I am normally fully booked by the end of September.  Saying this though we often get changes in bookings and the odd cancellation, so no matter how last minute the booking is just get in touch, it cant hurt to try.  Weekdays tend to be much more flexible than weekends. 

How do I book Wayne Wonder?

Just get in touch using the simple contact form here to check availability.  I will then answer any questions you may have and take a few more details.  Bookings are then made directly through this website from the online booking page. First you'll need to pay the £50.00 booking fee which is deducted from the overall cost of the entertainment and second I will e-mail over a PDF form as confirmation.  Its as easy as that!  

What's the Booking Fee?

The booking fee secures your booking and is a non-refundable fee to cover admin costs and other costs associated with preparing for a booking.  It is deducted from the total cost of the entertainment fee and paid directly through the online booking page via debit or credit card.  The only instance where the booking fee may be refunded is when the performance is cancelled due to extreme weather.

How do I pay the remainder of the fee?

Please note that as of January 2016 I no longer accept cheques as payment.  Payment for the balance of the fee can be made on the day by cash.  Alternatively you can pay before or within 10 working days after the event via bank transfer.  All the details for this are supplied with the booking confirmation PDF.

Can other parents stay to watch?

Yes please do, I love it when other parents stay to watch, you'll often find them laughing just as much as the children.  I find that with 3-5yr olds more parents will stay than with older children.

Do you have a limit on the number of children?

No, I've done parties for four children right up to five hundred children but I would recommend for a typical birthday party having more than 15 and less than 35.  This bracket seems to be ideal.

How many birthday children can we have?

As many as you like.  The fees I quote are good for up to two birthday children and any additional birthday children are charged at £15.00 each, this covers the additional cost of all the giveaways they will get as well making sure they are given just as much spotlight as the other birthday children.

Can you do Shows Outside?

2018 Update - I can provide outside entertainment however it does limit what I can do in my shows and pretty much excludes any big illusions from my shows.   There are loads of reasons for this, far too many to list here.  Remember we do live in the U.K which is one of the wettest places on Earth! We get very little really nice weather and there is almost always a breeze which causes huge problems for me. If you are planning an outdoor event I would strongly advise that you put a plan B together just in case.

How much space do you need?

As of 2016 my new updated full theatre staging requires about a 12ft x 12ft square in order to entertain around 30 children.  This is only approximate and I am very flexible.  I do hundreds of house parties every year where you don't get as much space as a local hall but I can still fit in and provide an excellent party.  Likewise if we have an entire hall than I can use all of my professional staging and all of my other big toys too! Here is a great website for finding a local hall to hire.

Do I need to provide anything for you?

No, not really.  I bring all of the equipment needed.  The only things I do need are 45 minutes to set up, one plug socket and a parking space near to the entrance of the venue as I have a lot of big heavy equipment to unload.

Can we record the show?

Yes please do, I think its so important to get lots of pictures and even record the party, creating and keeping the good memories is what it's all about.


Cancellations made within 10 working days of the scheduled performance are liable to the total entertainment fee as it would be impossible for me to replace this work. Cancellations made before this period will only loose the booking fee unless the cancellation is due to extreme weather.  Cancellations can only be accepted by phone, voice messages and e-mails can not be accepted as I may miss them during peak periods.   


I do occasionally get asked about discounts.  I don't really offer any discounts for the simple reason that I just can't afford to, I believe in offering the very best prices all the time.  I do offer a weekday discount only because I have noticed that weekday after school parties are getting more and more popular these days and its getting increasingly difficult to book my weekend time slots which go very quickly. This is only applicable to private individuals not schools, companies, charities, government bodies or anything else. 

£20.00 Weekday Discount, when you book me for shows on Mon-Thurs (excludes December & Bank Holiday's)

Hopefully this has answered a lot of your questions but please get in touch here if I can help with anything else.