Wayne Wonder’s Gameshow full of original non stop action games including, dancing, circus stunts, wacky races, Dance competitions and some classic games with new Wayne Wonder twists.

Introducing Wayne Wonder's Gameshow

Before the show even starts you'll know this will be a party to remember.  Wayne sets up his custom made theatre staging along with some fantastic music, inflatables or giant flying discs, the kids are already having a brilliant time and you'll hear audible gasps form the parent too!

Full of music, high energy action dancing, circus stunts, amazing original party games, quizzes and some classic party games but with that Wayne Wonder twist.  Wayne brings his professional PA system so that all of the children are able to follow every word and relish every sound effect.  Running from 30 minutes to one hour Wayne Wonder's Gameshow is a self contained explosion of entertainment, so much so that even the parents can't help but join in!

 Here are just a few examples of what you might see in Wayne Wonder's Gameshow:

  • Wacky Races

  • Unique Dance Competition

  • Blanket Game

  • Cartoon Quiz

  • Action Dances

  • Unique Musical Statues

  • Spinning Plate Challenge

  • Movie Crazy Dance Along

  • Head Juggling

  • The Ball Race

  • Music Quiz

Wayne Wonder also supplies all the prizes and every child wins a prize.  For prizes he uses a great mixture of haribo sweets, balloons, unique Wayne Wonder stickers and unique Wayne Wonder certificates for being Awesome!