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Great ideas to get the kids in the kitchen, family recipes made fun from Wonder Kids. Fun food for kids.

Kids Kitchen from Wonder Kids

Hello and Welcome to the Kids Kitchen.  So over the years I may have mentioned just once or twice my love for cooking and how important I think it is to get kids to be really knowledgable in the kitchen.  It will really set them on a path to be a responsible adult and hopefully provide them with a healthy relationship with food where they make good choices for their adult diet.  

Obviously the kitchen can be a dangerous place and kids should always be supervised but at the same time I think for young children (under 10) their time in the kitchen needs to be fun.  This is where Wonder Kids comes in.  I have come up with cooking ideas that can tie into some of their favourite films and times of year.  As well as some great simple ways of doing a dish that kids always love.  

I have featured some recipes below, for more details on any of these ideas just click on thew pictures of them.  At the bottom of this page you will find every recipe/idea we have included so far.  Take your time, enjoy and let me know of you have any questions/suggestions.


Frightful Fruit Kebab

I love the simplicity of this idea too, here's what you need:

  • Honeydew Melon
  • Kiwi
  • Marshmallow's
  • Wooden Skewers
  • melon baller
  • Black Candy Melts
  • Piping Bag #1 or just the smallest tip you can find.
  • Decorator Icing Eyes

Use the melon baller to make small balls of melon and cut the kiwi into similar sized squares.  Make the kebab's and put them in the fridge for about an hour to chill.  This is important as it helps with the decorating later.  Now melt the candy melts in the microwave, they don't need long.  You can get candy melts from Hobby Craft or your local cake supplier store.  

Pour the melted candy into the piping bag, remove the kebabs from the fridge and just use a piece of kitchen towel to dab the fruit to remove the moisture. Decorate with faces, the kids could even do their own versions too.  once complete place them back into the fridge to cool and set.  

Fun Fish & Chips

Cut your fish in to thin, long strips, like goujons but thinner – around 10cm/4in long pieces and 2cm/1in wide.  This kind of size makes them really easy to pick up and eat with fingers.  A great tip for cutting fish so that it doesn’t break is don’t cut it horizontally, but cut it lengthwise.  Put your flour on a plate, beat the eggs and place in a very shallow bowl and place the breadcrumbs in another shallow bowl.  Season the breadcrumbs with salt, pepper and lemon zest to your taste and then start breading – coat fish strips with flour, then dip in egg making sure they’re completely coated,  next dip in breadcrumbs, again making sure the fish is well covered.  Repeat till you’ve coated all the fish strips.

Pour oil in to a large frying pan (the oil should come up to about 1.5cms) and heat.  When it’s quite hot place your breaded fish strips in the oil and shallow fry till golden brown.  Drain on some kitchen towel and your mini breaded fish is ready.  As mentioned, these can be made a few hours in advance and heated in the oven just before serving.

Moana Taco's

These are super tasty and cooked in a slow cooker so you can get on with other jobs.


2 lbs pork loin
Teriyaki Sauce (you can use bottled or make your own)


Corriander, chopped
Red onion, chopped
Jalapeno, sliced
Pineapple, chopped
Taco shells
Teriyaki Sauce

1.  Place pork loin in slow cooker and add teriyaki sauce (enough to cover pork loin- you can cube up the loin if you wish).

2.  Cook on low for 6 hours. 

3.  Shred pork and place into taco shells.  Drizzle a little more teriyaki sauce, top with cilantro, jalapenos, red onions and pineapple and enjoy!