Meet the Cast

Here you can find out more about all the characters from the Wayne Wonder Show, not every character appears in every show but if you have a favourite just let us know.


Meet the Cast

This is where you can find out more about the different characters that appear in Wayne Wonder's shows.  Not all of them appear in every show, except Wayne Wonder of course! 

 If you would like to have a specific character appear when you book Wayne Wonder then please just let us know. 

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Wayne Wonder

Wayne is a multi award winning full time magician and a student of magic for many years before that.  Wayne is dedicated to providing the very best in children's entertainment.  He is also a member of W.A.M and Equity so you can be assured of both his skill and professionalism.  Of course he is fully insured and DBS checked too.


Selina Joined the cast in 2012 and she comes from a family of performing circus seals.  She may show you a couple of her talents but beware she is very smart and knows how to have fun.

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Ferris joined the cast in 2009 and wow did he join with a bang! Ferris is only suitable for audience's of 5 year olds and above.  Ferris is fully interactive in the shows and he WILL join the audience for some crazy fun and he may even get them wet too! Currently undergoing a transformation, he will be back soon adding animatronics to the show.


Whizz joined the cast in 2008 and appears occasionally in between school work.  Whizz really enjoys helping Wayne Wonder although we don't think "help" would be the word Wayne would use to describe what Whizz does. 

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Bam joined the cast at the end of 2015, He loves magic but doesn't think Wayne Wonder is magic!  Can Wayne Wonder prove him wrong? He loves to sing and thinks he's a bit of comedian but you can be the judge of that.


Joining the show for Halloween in 2016, he's the friendliest zombie you'll ever meet but don't let that fool you. He has some surprises up his sleeve for you too! Fred only normally joins the show in October every year.

Fred puppet from Wayne Wonder