Personalise Your Party

Here you can personalise a birthday party with the birthday boy or girls own interests and Wayne will attempt to include them into your party.

This is the personalisation page, it's only for people that have already booked me.  The idea is that if I can add some personal touches to the party then it will be even better and more memorable.  So if you let me know you are having a Frozen party then I can make sure I bring my snow machines, play more frozen music or if your little one likes teenage mutant ninja turtles then I can make sure that I play a game featuring them or make a Ninja Turtle balloon for the birthday child. You get the idea, just fill in as many details as you like below.   I will then add the details onto your booking confirmation. 

This is the reference at the top of your booking, three letters followed by three numbers, like ABC001.
You can choose a character to see in the show, maybe you've seen one before and would like to see them again or there is one you have not seen yet but would like to see. Find out more about the characters at the bottom of this page.
Let me know if they have any songs they are really loving at the moment and I can make sure they are played at some point in the party.

Name: Whizz

Age: 10

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food:  Jaffa Cakes

Whizz joined the cast in 2008 and appears occasionally in between school work.  Whizz really enjoys helping Wayne Wonder although we don't think "help" would be the word Wayne would use to describe what Whizz does. 

Name: Ferris


Favourite Colour:Red

Favourite Food: Sirloin Steak

Ferris joined the cast in 2009 and wow did he join with a bang! Ferris is only suitable for audience's of 5 year olds and above.  Ferris is fully interactive in the shows and he WILL join the audience for some crazy fun and he may even get them wet too! 

Name: Selina


Favourite Colour: Changes everyday  

Favourite Food: Sushi

Selina Joined the cast in 2012 and she comes from a family of performing circus seals.  She may show you a couple of her talents but beware she is very smart and knows how to have fun.



Name: Bam


Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Food: Banana's

Bam joined the cast at the end of 2015, He loves magic but doesn't think Wayne Wonder is magic!  Can Wayne Wonder prove him wrong? He loves to sing and thinks he's a bit of comedian but you can be the judge of that.



Sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances which stop me from adding personalised elements so nothing is a guarantee but I always do my best to make the shows the best they can be.