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Wonder Kids Party Boxes, your birthday party solution.  Complete birthday party in a box, each kit focuses on a different theme and contains everything you need for a brilliant birthday party. Birthday Parties in Gloucester

Paw Patrol Party Box

Picture for illustration purposes only, actually contents is far greater. styles and colours may vary

Picture for illustration purposes only, actually contents is far greater. styles and colours may vary

Our second box in the line of Birthday Party Box Kits. Small birthday parties offer a variety of advantages.  The atmosphere and dynamic of the children at small birthday parties is completely different compared to an entire class birthday party.  It's much easier to prepare for small birthday parties with far less food prep needed.  

One of the best aspects of a small birthday party is being able to spend more time with the kids and the opportunity to get loads more photo's and videos to keep forever. 

Wayne Wonder is now introducing a line of Birthday Party in a box kits.  This edition is completely themed for the ever popular Paw Patrol  You can run a brilliant party for a small group of children (less than 15 kids) with this box.  It provides everything you need to create a brilliant party atmosphere with all the tableware and decorations.  However the best feature of these birthday party kits are the games.  Wayne Wonder is an experienced birthday party entertainer with multiple awards and 10 years of experience.  He has now used this experience to create unique and interactive games that YOU can do.  Every birthday party box has enough games to last approximately 60 minutes of non stop fun.  All the props and equipment needed for the games are included in the box as well as a large pack of Hairbo sweets and a star prize pack filled with 20 quality toys that the kids will love.

The Paw Patrol box comes complete with a 30 page PDF guide.  This guide runs through everything you need to have an amazingly easy and stress free party from when to send out the party invites (which are of course included in the kit) to how to greet the kids as they arrive at the party.  It walks you through how to play the games and even provides scripts for key phrases.  Written by Wayne Wonder the Party Box Guide PDF passes on some of the most valuable tips and tricks that he has learned over the last 10 years like how to use music to your advantage, in fact in the PDF guide, Wayne Wonder has included a free party playlist that you can use at your birthday party.  In this case of course all the music is Paw Patrol themed.

This is an amazing opportunity to try something really different this year with a unique Paw Patrol themed birthday party.  There is something quite magical about small parties because it does change that dynamic and is more intimate.

Aimed at children 5 years old and over this is amazing value for money.  For just £99.00 this complete birthday kit is delivered to your door.  This just leaves you to sort out some party food for the guests.  

So what exactly is included in the Paw Patrol Party Box which will work for up to 16 children

Decorations & Prep

  • Paw Patrol Party Invites
  • Party guest list
  • equipment check list
  • Full PDF party guide
  • Paw Patrol tablecloth
  • Paw Patrol paper plates
  • Paw Patrol paper cups
  • Red & Blue Balloons
  • Ribbon and blu-tac

Party games

  • 20 star prizes in a prize pack (quality toys)
  • Large pack of Hairbo sweets
  • Pre Wrapped Pass the Parcel
  • Stop & Go Paddle
  • Paw Patrol Pin the tail
  • Paw Patrol Badges
  • Blindfold
  • and loads more

For the end of the party

  • Party bag for each guest

For more details on the kit just click on the product below.  Limited availability and this product may be discontinued at any time.  

50% Discount Introductory Offer! Limited Availability

Save 50% off a Party In A Box

Im very excited to announce the full public launch of my Party Boxes.  I have been working on these kits for the last five years trying to get the concept perfected.  I am now ready to launch our first two theme's with many more being added very soon.  The key to these boxes is that a small birthday party of 16 kids or less is a really magical thing to try.  Of course having a full class party is brilliant and it's what I specialise in entertaining.  I think every few years you should try a small birthday, they are more intimate and the dynamic of the kids is completely different.  Now with these boxes you are supplied everything you need to run a party.  All you need to supply is a birthday cake and some party food.  Click on the theme's below to see what each kit contains.  

Save 50% off of your first Party Box

Buy one of the Party Box's today and you will receive it in 3-5 working days, read through the complete PDF guide that comes with it.  Once you have finished the party come back to this website, email or visit our Facebook page and leave a review.  Just a couple of sentences about how you got on with the party box.  I will then refund you 50% of the cost of the box back to you.  You have just had an amazing party for just £49.50

Update September 2017

Very limited availability on this offer, strictly first come first served.  This offer only applies to the first ten party boxes sold.  As of writing this I have 3 party boxes remaining in this offer. 

Update January 2018

This offer has now ended, we will be focusing on growing the range of party boxes over the coming weeks and then may run new promotions later in the year.