Party Invitations

Wayne Wonder free party invitations, choose from three professionally designed Wayne Wonder party invites, classic comic style, princess party style and the ever popular pirate theme.

In addition to this, now Wonder Kids has a line of free to print party invites from a wide range of today's most popular themes including

Moana Party Invites

Pokemon Party Invites

Inside Out Party Invites

Minecraft Party Invites

Paw Patrol Part Invites

Batman Party Invites

Zootropolis Party Invites

Free Party Invites

Ever since I started as an entertainer I have provided free party invites, This has grown and evolved over time, now I have three professionally designed Wayne Wonder invites that you are free to download and print as needed but also now with the inclusion of Wonder Kids, my amazing kids activity blog we have a growing range of free invites available to use that can fit in with many of todays popular themes. Watch the video first and please do just click on the contact tab above if you need any help.

Wayne Wonder Classic Invite

Classic Wayne Wonder Invite

A comic style invitation with my favourite colour, purple and set to two invites per page for printing

Moana Party Invite Wonder Kids

Moana Party Invite

Set to two invites per page, more Moana fun ideas can be found on our Wonder Kids blog here

Inside Out Invite

Well how do you feel about these, click the button below to see what these invites look like. More fun here.

Alice in Wonderland

Quintessentially British, these classic invites are yours for Free, then visit Wonder Kids for more fun.

Princess Wayne Wonder Invite

For princess fans, and it lets you know what to expect at the party. Set to two invites per page for printing

Batman Party Invite

Super cool super hero invites, Im Batman! More super fun from Wonder Kids here

Zootropolis Invite

Great cartoon style invites, just click on them to print them out, then visit Wonder Kids for more fun.


Super popular at the moment, these great invites are feature Poppy and are available to download for free. Make sure you visit Wonder Kids for more Trolls fun and downloads.

Pirate Wayne Wonder Invite

Pirates never go out of vogue, I love the design of this one. Set to two invites per page for printing

Wonder Kids Pokemon Invite

Pokemon Party Invite

Gotta catch em all! Loads of Pokemon fun for the weekend or birthday parties can be found on Wonder Kids here

Knights Invite

Invite all Knights & Knaves to an amazing Medieval Party, then visit Wonder Kids for more fun.