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Winter Fun from Wonder Kids


I have searched through hundreds of ideas to bring you the best Winter fun you'll find anywhere, crafts, games, activities and loads more.

Snow Paint 

Things don't get much easier than this and it allows for some great creative play that washes away naturally.  All you need are spray bottles that you can get from anywhere, food colouring and some water. To create your DIY Snow Paint, remove the tops of the spray bottles and fill them with water.  Then, add enough dye to get the color you are after.  I used a pretty good amount of dye to make the color vibrant and bright!  Screw the lid back on the bottle, and give it a good shake. Round up your artists, and make sure that they are wearing their nice warm snow clothes!  Believe me, they are going to spend hours outside creating, coloring, and painting every inch of snow in your yard. For more pictures and details just click here.


Frozen Treasure Hunt

Way back in 2014 I put together a Frozen blog post.  Here is a custom made Frozen treasure hunt.  Just click on the pic opposite to get the clues. What you'll need first is something to give as a prize.  We use my daughters favourite ice lollies hidden in the freezer.  So all the clues led her round the house and back to our freezer.  I tried this with my 4yr old daughter and 11yr old sister, it went down a storm.

You will need some knowledge of the song lyrics from the film but Im guessing most of you know them by now. Start them with one clue which takes them from one place and then another and then another until they find the prize. Great fun and works brilliantly indoors!

This game also got me featured on a YouTube channel too! check it out below and then check out the game, your kids will love it.

Top Christmas Toys 2017

Ive had another crack at this years years top toys, but we took it further this year, with the top family games and some free printables too. What day you think of my predictions?   You may even get an idea for that tricky niece or nephew.


Christmas Bingo

This game is brilliant! it is not your ordinary bingo at all.  Great for adults but tweens and teens can join in with this and love it too.  You do need to know how many guests you have for this one.  So lets say you have six people playing this, you need to plan this one ahead of time and you will need to get 3 or 4 small gifts, always about half the amount of gifts to players.  These gifts don't have to be much maybe a movie hamper with a film, popcorn and a bottle of wine or something along those lines.  Each present must be wrapped up so you can not tell what is in any of them.  You could also do some red herring gifts too like a £1 scratch card in  a larger box to make it look like something bigger.  

We always play this around a table with all the gifts in the middle.  You then need to multiply the amount of guests by five.  So for our example we have 6 guests multiplied by 5 which is 30.  We'll need to number small squares on an A4 sheet with 1 to 30, in fact you'll need to do this twice.  Cut both batches of 30 squares up into tickets and place each batch into individual bowls.  Every player takes 5 random squares from one of the bowls.  These will be the players tickets.  The second bowl of numbered squares is for the host.  The host will be the bingo caller and pick out one of the numbers from the bowl.  Who ever has the matching number gets to take a gift from the centre of the table.  This is repeated until all the gifts have been taken.

Now we get into the fun bit, the next number is called by the host and whoever has the matching number can take a gift off of someone else.  Again this is repeated with players taking gifts from each other until all the numbers are called and anyone that still has a gift gets to keep it.  This game is always very popular and lots of fun.

Forest Fruit Crumble

Find out how to make this super tasty winter treat in our kids kitchen, just click on the pic for the full recipe.

Name this Christmas tune

 Click open the picture for the full details and free download cards.

Click open the picture for the full details and free download cards.

I actually use this game in my Christmas shows so I know its brilliant and it's a great game for boys versus girls and again the kids can join in.  You need two adults or teens to head up and represent their teams.  Each representative gets a kazoo, yes a kazoo.  Just a cheap plastic one will work, click on the image for an amazon link to go and buy them. I have included a button below for my christmas name that tune cards which have all of the most popular christmas songs printed on them.  You'll need to print them out and cut them up into cards.  Each representative gets one minute (use your phone timer) to play songs from the cards using the kazoo and their team has to guess what the song is.  They get a point for each correct answer.  The winning team is the team with the most correct answers.  This is a funny game and the answers get more frantic the more you remind them of the time running down.

That's it folks, these are some of my favourite ideas that are perfect for the Winter season.  It's not all the ideas we have though, not by a long shot! Make sure you check out the three blog posts above for dozens more crafts, games and activities. As always with Wonder Kids I have included some of our most recent ideas below for you to check out too.  Make sure you come back soon we update the blog EVERY week.