Seasonal Autumn

Wonder Kids has compiled all of the best Autumnal fun you can have at home with the kids this year.  Check out our top toys for Christmas 2017 as well as dozens of videos and tons of cosy fun.

Wonder Kids Autumn Ideas




With Autumn approaching it's time to get cosy, and have a great time with these brilliant ideas from Wonder Kids.

 Click here to make Rain Sticks

Click here to make Rain Sticks

Autumn is on it's way, it's funny in England how everyone complains about our Summer's.  Every year you hear the same moans and groans about how pathetic our Summer's are.  It baffles me, I've grown up here and at some point you must come to expect really rubbish Summers? It's not something that bothers me as I much prefer the colder nights anyway so I'm really looking forward to the cosy nights in and lets not forget that the next few months offer some of the best holiday dates to spend with friends and family.

Important dates for the Diary

  • National teachers Day - October 5th
  • Diwali - October 19th
  • Clocks go back an hour - October 29th
  • Halloween - October 31st
  • Guy Fawkes Day - November 5th
  • Armistice Day - November 11th

Remember to use the Search Bar at the top of this page to try searching for any characters or topics you would like to try.  Lets kick Autumn off by making these awesome Rain Sticks, you can use them to stop the rain or to bring the rain. Or maybe you just want to make great music. It's going to start getting really cold and maybe we might even get some snow (fingers crossed) I bought a sled to take my daughter sledding about five years ago and ever since then we have never had a decent amount of snow just a light dusting so I'm really hoping that this year we get a good four feet of snow.  As it's getting chilli why not build an indoor den.  On that point have you watched the new CBBC show called Dengineer's, its a great show so I have included a video for it below. Making your own den at home is pretty easy too, just follow the instructions Wonder Kids has for you below.

Build a PVC Den from Wonder Kids.jpg

This den building is super easy and were have a super cosy pillow bed that you can use the search bar to find, great for den furniture.  Just click the button below for the Den building.

Fancy a laugh? check me out below going head to head with the Chubby Bunny challenge, good for a laugh at home.

Have you heard about our Party Boxes yet? this ever growing range is a complete party in a box! everything you need to run a brilliant small party is included in the kit.  Each box focuses on a new theme and there is currently an offer running for 50% off, now this offer is a limited availability offer and as of writing this I only have three more boxes included in this deal. Find out exactly what is included in each kit below, Wonder Kids now provides the easiest and most affordable party ever!

Halloween is one of the biggest dates in the diary this season and Wonder Kids has dozens of ideas for you to try.  I love these Paper Plate ghosts, super easy to make and then you can use them as decorations at home.  I have spooky snacks and drinks, more decorations, spooky crafts and loads more just click on the button opposite to find them all.

Top Toys for Christmas 2017


Technically it's in Winter but get ahead of the game with our list of this years must have toys!

Kids Kitchen Update 2017 Wonder Kids

Recently updated, Im very proud to offer dozens of fun ideas that the kids can help with in the kitchen and guess what? they are all designed to look interesting for kids and taste great. So how about a really fun Fish and Chips for a cosy Autumn Dinner that the kids can help to make. As a healthy treat how about these fun fruit spooky kebabs. Just click on the pictures for the full details.

Scavenger Hunt

Just click on this great scavenger hunt for the free download, take it with you to your local woods and have some fun

Leaf Bowl

Make your own Leaf Bowl, find the full details by clicking on the picture.

Honestly I could write for days with so many hundreds of ideas that are now available in Wonder Kids, this is a free service that we provide so please do support us by using our affiliate links and trying our physical products too.  Before I leave I have included below even more ideas that you may want to take a look at for the Autumn.  Try getting the kids to write a fun story using the story map I created in the Knights and Knaves post, Have loads of spooky fun with our Harry Potter blog posts, who you gonna call when you take a look at the Ghostbuster ideas, honestly the fun is never ending.  Get creative at home and make this year a Wonder Kids year.