Seasonal Summer

The sun is about to come out so get organised with Wonder Kids.  We show you how to have loads of fun outside that won't break the bank.  Wonder kids is a free service to help keep the kids busy, creative and away from computer screens.

Summer at Wonder Kids


Summer is here so I have paddled my way through all of our blog posts to bring you some of our best Summer ideas.  Spend days inside, get out doors it doesn't matter Wonder Kids is here for you with these great ideas......

 Have you ever thought about just throwing a birthday party yourself? Trust me you can do it! I have Party in a Box kits that you can purchase from this website.  Each kit contains everything you can possibly need to throw an amazing small party from home or a local hall.  Click on the picture opposite for more details.

  I love these makeshift tents, quite easy to make and they provide the kids with great reading/playing nooks in a sunny garden. For the full instructions to just click on the picture below.  I have also just recently added loads of new Tinkerbell and Fairy ideas to the Wonder Kids Blog, this is one of them that is just a lovely Summer idea.  You won't believe how easy these flower bracelets are to make.

Now how about getting out into the garden and having some nice cooling fun.  A few weeks back I was looking into Finding Nemo/Dory and I came up with this great fishing game using the paddling pool out in the garden, I know the kids will love it. Get some ice out in the garden to play with.  I have put together a whole bunch of Batman games together including this Save batman game which is something I have covered before with dinosaurs too here. How about a Water bomb that never bursts and you can use it over and over again, some have called them the Ultimate water bombs others the Infinity water bomb, I just call them awesome.  Watch the video for more details.

There's no way I'm forgetting Fathers Day in the U.K it falls on June 18th, get the date in the diary and of course Wonder Kids has you covered too.  I put together a whole bunch of great out of the box ideas for father day.  One of the biggest hits from my Fathers Day ideas was this sweet message, My most popular post on Pinterest by far, I know I would be happy getting this very sweet but simple gift.  Don't worry though I have load more ideas too like a fishing tackle pick and mix, family bookmarks and even a Zombie Survival kit complete with all the FREE print outs you need. How about just cooking a lovely summer dish for Dad this year, I have a great fish cake recipe that the kids can get in the kitchen and help with, this is a new addition into the Kids Kitchen where I show you how easy it can be to get the kids cooking, they love it and it's a great fun way to introduce new ingredients too them too.

The Kids Kitchen is still growing slowly but surely, something I have just discovered are FreakShakes! not heard of them yet? well you will and I will be adding more of them to Wonder Kids over the coming months but the first one appeared in our Fairies Re-mix and its sweet, in fact its very sweet but delicious.

Make this summer a musical one, I covered music with the kids a few months back in Wonder Kids, one of the instruments I showed how to make where these rain Sticks.  Music is so important to humans, it speaks to something very deep within us and I think is very important to teach kids about music including showing them a wide scope of different music too.  So get out in the garden with a bluetooth speaker, share some of your favourite songs and make some instruments whilst your there.   I also share my thoughts on music and kids in these posts too.

Ok so there we go, really just a small peek into some Summer activities you can try with the kids,  all of them inexpensive and very easy to try but there are loads more so I have included below even more great ideas.  If you sign up to our newsletter then I send a couple of great ideas to your inbox for every school holiday.  There's no fee for this and it saves you the time of searching them out on Wonder Kids plus I never share any of your details with any third parties.