Seasonal Spring

Spring forward with these great ideas from Wonder Kids.  We have compiled some of the best Spring ideas into a quick one page format for you to browse and from here you can springboard into hundreds more Wonder Kids Spring ideas.

Hello Spring on Wonder Kids

My birthday is in Spring and it is a great time of year, everything is waking up and bursting with energy so I have searched through the whole of Wonder Kids and all the hundreds of ideas available to bring you some of our best Spring time fun.

I must admit that I have been taking a little break from writing recently due to my house move and the renovating work needed but this will in the long term benefit Wonder Kids.  I am building a studio space where we will be able to create videos for Wonder kids and start live experiences too.  Im very excited about this project and I can not wait to share with you all the plans we have.


Important Dates 

Great dates for your diary and worry not Wonder Kids has you covered for most of these, have we missed any important dates? Let us know, get in touch we love finding more ideas that we could write about in the blog.

  • April 1st April fools Day
  • April 1st & 2nd Easter
  • April 23rd St Georges Day
  • April 23rd Shakespear Day
  • March 1st World Book Day
  • March 1st St Davids Day
  • March 11th Mothers Day
  • March 17th St Patricks Day
  • March 25th Clocks go forward (UK)
  • March 30th Good Friday

World Book Day

In it's 21st year this year. I think this idea has been super successful to get more kids reading more often, if at the very least just to bring the idea of reading to the forefront. Every year I perform at the Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire and I put together loads of great Roald Dahl fun in Wonder Kids.  This included things like making a soup from the Witches, dream catchers and this super simple way to make a pair of BFG ears great for World Book Day.

Shamrock Painting

For this simple craft you will need a bell pepper, any colour pepper works just fine.  Cut the top off and press it well into some green paint.  Making sure you get the paint all over the pepper. There are loads more St Patricks day ideas on Wonder Kids, Just click on the pepper picture to find them.

Fairy Garden

With the weather mostly not great in the Spring, if we do have an odd nice day, get outside and enjoy it by making your very own Fairy garden. How about the Captain Calamity channel on Youtube? They have featured me and the Wonder Kids work a few times now, the kids can spend loads of time on there enjoying jokes, magic, crafts, songs, puppets and loads more.  Check out the video below.

April Fools Day

Get prepared this year to have some real fun for just one day! Chocolate Grapes is a great example, there are dozens of other ideas on the blog too. You do not want to miss out on these pranks. Check out Doughnut Seed prank, Tricky Lollipops and the frozen cereal prank as well as a bunch of other great ideas too.

Handprint Sun Tote Bag

Wonder Kids has loads of ideas for mothers day too.  I love this idea, now with the (Hugely Successful) 5p bag charge everyone is taking their own bags shopping so why not personalise it? They are so easy to make and look adorable, plus the kids will love getting messy.  Tip, if you are doing this in the house make sure you cover the floor with plastic sheets or paper.

Lego Zip Line

Another great idea that can be done both inside and out.  This is a bunch of fun and very simple to set up, the kids will be playing with it all day.  Just click on the picture for the full details.



Kids Kitchen is open as usual, with dozens of fun recipes for you to try with the kids.  Get the kids in the kitchen and they learn important life skills, you'll also find them willing to be more adventurous and try new foods if they get to be involved with making and playing with them.  I have highlighted three great recipes below but there are dozens more in the Kids Kitchen section.

This was really hard for me to cut it down to just these ideas, There are so many more ideas that you will love and remember the blog is updated EVERY WEEK.  Above, I have included some of the topics that cover more Spring ideas and you will find some of our most recent blog posts below.