Seasonal Spring

Spring forward with these great ideas from Wonder Kids.  We have compiled some of the best Spring ideas into a quick one page format for you to browse and from here you can springboard into hundreds more Wonder Kids Spring ideas.

Wonder Kids Spring Fun

Spring is well on it's way and Wonder Kids is ready for you, with April showers on their way now is your chance to get some of these ideas organised and get any supplies you may need so when they kids start to moan that they are board, you are ready for them.

My birthday is in Spring and it is a great time of year, everything is waking up and bursting with energy so I have searched through the whole of Wonder Kids and all the hundreds of ideas available to bring you some of our best Spring time fun.

We do have some great dates over the Spring season including Mothers Day, St Patricks Day, Easter and more.  Remember we do have a school break too so use these ideas to get ready with the kids and have some fun from home.


Pocket Watch

The clocks go forward in the UK in March so this is a great fun way to start to teach kids about time, just click on the picture for full details.

Fairy Garden

With the weather mostly not great in the Spring, if we do have an odd nice day, get outside and enjoy it by making your very own Fairy garden. How about the Captain Calamity channel on Youtube? They have featured me and the Wonder Kids work a few times now, the kids can spend loads of time on there enjoying jokes, magic, crafts, songs, puppets and loads more.  Check out the video below.

Shamrock Painting

For this simple craft you will need a bell pepper, any colour pepper works just fine.  Cut the top off and press it well into some green paint.  Making sure you get the paint all over the pepper. There are loads more St Patricks day ideas on Wonder Kids, Just click on the pepper picture to find them.


Photo Blossom's

We also have Mothers day coming up so Wonder Kids has you covered there too.  Try these super simple to make and can be presented as a card or in a picture frame with the glass removed. Glue two, solid-colored cupcake liners to a 5×7-inch piece of blue paper. (Wonder Kids has a blue polka dot background ready for you, just click on the picture opposite.) Add a stem and leaves cut from green paper. Cut a 1.5-inch circle of the child’s smiling face from a photograph and glue into the center of the flower

Toasted Breakfast Cups

One of the classic features of Mothers Day is serving them breakfast in bed.  Now I know there is a temptation to let the kids make breakfast and serve it to them which is very sweet and funny but I think they do deserve a really nice edible breakfast if you really only do it a handful of times every year.  I have come up with some great recipes below that are super tasty and with just a little supervision the kids can help you make these too.

Preheat the oven to gas 6, 200°C, fan 180°C. Ask your little helper to grease 8 holes of a muffin tin with butter. 

Push one slice of bread into each greased hole, moulding it to fit with your fingers (kids will love helping with this part!) – all four corners of the bread should be sticking up. Bake for 5 minutes, or until lightly toasted. Remove and leave to cool a little.

Get the kids to put one slice of ham inside each cup, smoothing it out to make a lining for the toast. Crack an egg into each one and season well – best if you do this bit. Return to the oven for 10 minutes, or until the whites are cooked but the yolk is still soft*. Remove from the oven and ask the kids to scatter over the chives. Serve immediately.

This was really hard for me to cut it down to just these ideas, There are so many more ideas that you will love and remember the blog is updated EVERY WEEK.  Above I have included some of the topics that cover more Spring ideas and you will find some of our most recent blog posts below.