Wayne Wonder Christmas

Wayne Wonder wishes a merry christmas, Wayne Wonder is a multi award winning magician and family entertainer.  

Hello and may I wish you a very Merry Christmas.  It's finally my favourite time of year and by far my busiest too.  I wanted to thank everyone that has booked me for Christmas 2016. This year has been amazing, very busy and it's included a bunch of firsts for me. These include launching my own annual Halloween Party, working with the BBC and starting my own theatre shows too,  This time of year is truly a magical time of year for kids, nothing beats it.  Please do take a few minutes to take a look around my ever growing website, you can use the search bar above if you're short on time or just cut straight to talking to me by using the contact button below.  Firstly I wanted to highlight just a couple of the extra special features of my website that may interest you.  

Want to see Wayne Wonder in action? Click the button opposite to see some clips of Wayne Wonder in action, plus you can find Wayne Wonder featured on other YouTube channels too.


Wonder Kids is a super popular blog created by Wayne Wonder in 2014.  Originally the blog was designed to provide easy, inexpensive games and activities you can try at home to help keep the kids busy during those rainy days in.  This blog is now in high demand and there will be some huge announcements coming in 2017!