Wayne Wonder Show

Introducing The Wayne Wonder Show!

This is the main event, a forty minute entertainment spectacular! Full of magic and bursting with laughter utilising lots of participation and just a touch of mayhem.  Wayne starts by creating a real theatre atmosphere and surroundings, this helps ensure everyones attention is on him.

 This non stop show combines Wayne's knowledge on many different disciplines to create a wonderfully interactive show intertwined with magic and illusions.  Wayne always designs his shows to suit the age and interest of the children watching, thus ensuring that all of the children will be rolling with laughter from beginning to end at the hilarious antics of Wayne Wonder.  

Don't worry if you have seen Wayne Wonder before, he has four different shows and adds new material every year so there is always something new to see. Parents are always amazed at the sheer amount of energy and charisma that Wayne Wonder puts into every show.

You really have to witness the shows to believe, See what other people think of the Wayne Wonder Show by reading the reviews on net mums, just click the logo below.