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As a magician and children's entertainer I am constantly on the look out for new ideas, different takes on old ideas and practically anything I can add into my repertoire.  As a by product of this I come across or invent lots of ideas that for one reason or another I can't fit into my shows.  That doesn't mean that they are no good in fact many of them work great for ideas to try at home.  I only realised this after having my daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed them.  That's why I have created this resource, for families to visit take away what they want and try these things at home.  You have everything at your fingertips for great, easy and inexpensive ideas for your little ones at home.  Going out to new experiences and spending time together as a family is important if not crucial to a child's development but that doesn't mean you have to go out and spend lots of money every time, you can create amazing memories just by investing a little bit of time at home with these great ideas.

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Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary - Parade and Illuminations

Wonder Kids Reviews Disneyland Paris 2017

Yay it's our third week of Disneyland Paris reviews.  This week we are going all in on the Parade and the Illuminations show.  This will probably be a shorter post this week but worry not I have two more blog posts planned to complete the Disneyland Paris review and they will both be much bigger and more in depth.  I just wanted to add in a quick mention for the new Wonder Kids Facebook page.  It's only a couple of weeks old and we have loads of great content on there everyday! from arts & crafts based on our huge library of ideas to great recipe's that are ideal for getting the kids into the kitchen.  We also had some great fathers day gift ideas just recently and we have loads of great parenting ideas and news from the Wonder Kids digital magazine sourced from around the world.  Please do go and take a look, remember to hit that like button.

In week one of my review I talked about arriving at the park and what I felt about the Newport Bay Hotel, you can read it here.  Last week I walked through the main park rides and some meet & greets which you can find here.

Lets get on with this weeks review, I'll start with the parade.  Now this was one of the biggest hyped things before visiting Disneyland.  Almost every advert they put out features the Disney Parade especially with the 25th Anniversary celebrations, a brand new parade was announced.  For me personally the parade was one of the dissapointments of our trip, maybe the idea was built up so much in my mind that the reality of it could never match what I had in my head. Now I know I have mentioned a few times that the time we spent there was really hot, the weather was about 34℃ and I do think this is an important thing to consider with the parade.  

Wonder Kids Disney Tip #5

Disney Tip #5

Watch the parade near It's a Small World for great pictures and you'll know when the last float has been seen and get onto your next ride quicker!

The parade we attended only lasted little over 10 minutes which was disappointing and there was no fire breathing Dragon on the day we watched.  Im not sure if both of these were due to the heat? I can understand that the characters can not do a bigger/longer parade in that sort of heat but it's still disappointing.  I've included an advert below for Disneyland Paris so you can see what I mean about how hyped the parade is. Saying this though it was one of my daughters favourite parts of the holiday, she loved the parade and even got a hug by the Geenie from Aladdin. Lets get on with some tips for the parade.  It starts near the ride It's a Small World and continues down the road, pass the castle, down main street and ends in the town square, so I would recommend getting a space either towards the end of Main Street or near it's a small world.  This way you get to see everything and should get some great pictures.  We opted to go near it's a small world because once the last float had gone past we can then move straight on to another ride whilst there are loads of people still waiting to see the last float come up main street. 

Although I was dissapointed that the parade didn't last very long and really disappointed that there was no fire breathing dragon! the float and characters that were out were spectacular, very well designed, beautifully constructed and the interaction with the characters is superb. Something I only found out on the day was that Disney pick a "Star Family" that get to be included in the parade.  They get to sit in a nice car and they start the parade, this would be an amazing experience for any kid, obviously you get out at the end of the parade and can then stay at the end of the route to see the rest of the parade come by. I don't know how this family is chosen or who chooses them, if you know please do let me know in the comments below.  Below I have included my video of the parade and the illuminations show too.  You'll see exactly what to expect.  

The parade starts at 5.30pm and you'll need to get a spot for the parade at least an hour before it starts, believe it or not people do start getting spots even earlier than this.  We found a small tree to sit under for some shade and had a great view of the parade. I had heard tales of loads of pushing and shoving to get good spots but this isn't something we experienced at all.  We did near the end of the parade have a mother push in a little to get her 18 month old baby near the front which I thought was a little pointless but there was plenty of room.  You will also need to get a spot for the illuminations show at least and hour before it starts at the parks closing time.  This time varies depending on the day and time of year.  Again people start picking spots hours before this show starts and we were very lucky to get a great spot near the castle grounds about an hour before the show started.  I loved this show, it was amazing infact I got very little footage of it because I put my phone down and just watched it.  The video above came from my mum who managed to film the entire show (sorry about the VVS). One little bug we had was that whilst everyone was waiting for the show to start we were all sat down.  Everyone was very happy, chatting, kids playing with toys and gifts they had got that day, some people having a bite to eat and because everyone was sat down we all had a great view of the castle. Unfortunately this was not to last, as soon as the show started the people in front of me stood up, I have no idea why? They where sat as close to the barrier as you could get, there was nothing obstructing their view but because they stood this meant that our entire group had to stand.  Now I'm 6'4" tall so if I stand up, everyone behind me has to stand up and move to see.  I know this annoyed a lot of people including myself but I had no other choice if I wanted to still see the show.  Please people stay seated if you are at the front.  One saving grace was that a lovely French family ushered my daughter to the front with them so that she could see everything which I was very thankful for.  This show is superb and takes you through loads of Disney classics and favourites with amazing technology.  The planning and team that put this show together must be incredible.  You can watch the whole show above but maybe you shouldn't and just leave it as a surprise? plus it won't look as good as it does in person.

That's it for this week, make sure you come back next week for an in depth look at some of the shows available around the park and some amazing restaurants.  Please do take a couple of minutes to join our mailing list, found to the top right of this page.  It's completely free, you can unsubscribe at any point but if you do decide to sign up then I will send you great ideas, games, crafts, recipe's and interesting news articles from time to time.  We do not share your details with anybody and I certainly do not spam you with email upon email, it's just every now and then.

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary - Main Park Attractions

Disneyland Paris Part 2 from Wonder Kids

Hello and welcome to the second in our series of Disneyland posts.  This week I am going to take you through the main Disneyland Park. Make sure you read part one of this review here and part three will cover the famous parade and Illuminations, coming soon here. The first night we actually spent time at the Disney Studio park which was my favourite area and there is so much in there to cover that it will have it's own blog post in the future, for now lets talk about the main park and rides.  Once you get through the entrance gates and into the park you are in the Town Square leading down onto Main Street.  In this Town Square you will find the classic train that takes you around the park, this is not something that we had time to try, it does look like a very slow ride stopping at stations all over the park.  You will also find all the facilities in this area like toilets, buggy hire etc, this is also where there are meet & greets most days that last for almost all day.  Meet & Greet's are controlled area's where you can meet a Disney character and take a picture with them.  Disney also have hired staff taking pictures that you can purchase through there PhotoPass card system.  I think you can buy a photo pass and then download or purchase prints either at the park or once you get home.  This is not something we did this time round because we have phone camera's that did a great job but you might want to get all the pictures sorted for you.More info on the photo pass here.


I mentioned last week that my sister struggles with some disabilities and is registered as disabled in the UK.  One thing she would not be able to do is walk around all day, so in order to get a wheelchair you will need to find the Accessibility office.  This goes under different names in the different parks.  In the Studios park it is called Studio Services.  The staff in these offices were brilliant and very pleasant.  In the studios park the office is on the right before you enter the main studio building (entrance).  In the main park it's called the Donald Desk and again is located on the right as soon as you enter the town square. Talk the staff, you may need to provide your disability certificate and they will go through how abled a person is etc for them to provide you with an Access card (green card).  This card allows the disabled person and up to five other people quicker access onto the rides. It will also inform staff on the rides as to the abilities of the card holder and they can turn you away if they believe the ride to be unsuitable/safe for them, however this never happened to us but I assume they would do this if somebodies health is at risk.

Disney tip #3

Disney Tip #3

Use your early hours to cram in more meet & greet, when you stay at a Disney hotel you get early entrance to the parks, get in a queue up for the meet & greets

Minnie Mouse is one of the most popular meet & greet's and during our stay she was in the courtyard almost all day.  Her house is a big yellow house on your left as you enter the park where she goes into for "breaks". It was really hot during our stay and the characters would have a break every 10-15 minutes, in cooler weather I believe this wouldn't happen so often.  These breaks didn't take long though, they are just switching staff members to help keep energy up. In fact all the characters where brilliant with the kids and there energy levels where high all day so switching every few minutes is a really good idea. Goofy is directly opposite Minnie Mouse on the other side of the town square and is a great character to meet however he is not normally there all day, they switch him with other characters like Daisy/Donald Duck.

If you want to do the meet & greets in the courtyard then get there early, we used our Magic Early Hours to be one of the first in the queue.  This meant we still had the whole day for other rides and attractions but managed to meet some of our daughter's favourite characters.  All the characters have there own signature and can sign there name in an Autograph book.  This becomes a great keepsake from the holiday.  There are loads of different books you can buy but I like the personalised ones you can find, I have included a link to one of my favourite books. 

Main Street is great for pictures of the castle and it really is like a street with shops nearly all the way down along with the odd bakery, ice cream parlour and other snack places. You can either go into and through the castle or walk to the left or right and walk around the castle, Obviously you are going to go into the castle, you can see some of the inside of the castle here.  They have done a great job inside the castle but can you find the Dragon? it's hidden in the basement of the castle.  As you approach the castle from Main Street you go to the left of the castle, not inside it. Follow the castle around and you will find a cave like entrance, enter if you dare and see what you find inside. 

Once you go pass the castle you really are into the park and will see the rides.  You walk straight into Fantasy Land, this area has lots of rides for younger children or people that prefer the more gentle rides.  You'll find a Carousel, Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White, Pinocchio, Curious Labyrinth, Mad hatters Tea Cups, It's a small world and some other attractions too.

There are toilets located everywhere in the park, we never found ourselves to be very far from a toilet and outside most toilets (the vast majority in fact) are drinking fountains.  This is a top money saving tip especially in the heat we had.  rather than spend a small fortune on drinks, take a drinks bottle and fill it up at the water fountains. We used these ones because our plan was that when the bottles were empty and not in use we would fold them up and put them in our bag but due to the heat, the bottles were constantly being used. You can even take some of the small Robinson's shots, these are little concentrated capsules of flavoured squash, add them into the bottle and you have a tasty fruity drink for very little money.

I have put together another video to show you lots of these rides however we didn't get to go on all of them, we did;

  • Dumbo
  • Peter Pan's Flight
  • Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (Snow White)
  • Pinocchio
  • Curious Labyrinth
  • Tea Cups

Highlights from these were Peter Pan's Flight, this is a very gentle ride but very clever, you fly over London and on to Neverland, I really enjoyed there Curious Labyrinth with plenty of surprises, a castle to climb and plenty of photo opportunities too.  Always winners where Dumbo and tea cups, you have probably been on similar rides at other parks.

Discovery land

This was another of our favourite areas and it's located before the you get to the castle but just to the right of the castle. It's here that you will find some brilliant rides like Buzz Lightyear laser blast, Autopia, Orbitron, Captain Nero's Submarine, Star Tours, Hyperspace Mountain plus some other attractions like a meet and greet with Darth Vader.  We missed out on the Darth Vader meet, I didn't actually see where he was? but apparently he is in Discovery land somewhere, they also have Jedi Training here too. We went on:

  • Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
  • Star Tours
  • Hyperspace Mountain
Disney tip #4

Disney Tip #4

Use the Fast Pass machines, Its FREE! just scan your park tickets and come back at an allotted time to beat the queues

We found the queues to be longer in Discovery Land so again if you are staying for a few days it may be worth using those magic early hours to get on these rides early.  It seemed like at weekends Hyperspace Mountain didn't open until something like 10.30 or 11am which is when they let everyone in.  On the Saturday that we were there a queue formed at the entrance to Hyperspace Mountain before they opened that went right down to the bottom of discovery Land so we missed out that ride on Saturday, when we came back on Monday morning however it was open and we got straight on it with very little waiting.  Highlights from this area were all three rides, they are all brilliant, Star Tours was a very clever experience and something definitely not to miss.  It is just a simulator but its the best simulator that I have ever been on. Hyperspace Mountain is a full blown rollercoaster, I took my 7year old on who has no fear with rides and she is very tall, this was her first ride that goes upside down though but she loved it.  I like that Disney put all of their rollercoasters inside buildings. It makes the park more attractive, much of the queue system is inside to save you from getting wet if it rains and it keeps everything much more of a surprise.

Fast pass

This is Disney's method for helping to beat the queue's and it looked massively under used whilst I was there.  Next to all of the biggest rides in the park are machines, now these machines are normally themed to match the theme of the ride which makes it hard to find them sometimes.  Like on Tower of Terror the machines look like stacks of suitcases, maybe they should all have been kept a uniform design and colour so you know what to look for? These machines have a touchscreen and a barcode scanner, you just scan the park ticket for every person in your group that wants to ride, you pick one of the available times to come back to that ride and the machine will print out a ticket for each person with a time allocated to it.  You return at that time and use the Fast Pass entrance for the ride, not the main ride entrance.  You then get put right at the front of the queue.  It's brilliant  but you have to make sure you have plenty of other things to do whilst you wait for your allotted time to come around.  Don't waist a minute. 

We are almost done for this week, but make sure you come back next week to find out more about the Parade and Illuminations shows.  If you have any questions you would like to be answered then just let me know in the comments below or through social media.  We didn't spend a lot of time in either Adventure Land or Frontier Land but we did ride Big Thunder mountain in Frontier land.  This ride had us waiting for the longest amount of time, nearly two hours! (we should have used the fast pass!) By the time we got on it the sun had set which really made the ride even better.  This is a great rollercoaster and it is very fast with some great drops but it doesn't go upside down. I hope you get some useful tips and advice out of this post, make sure you take a look at the video above and I'll see you next week.

Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary - Arrival

Welcome to the first post of a brand new month here at Wonder Kids and we have got something really very special.  Myself and my family have just got back from an amazing holiday to Disneyland Paris.  We all had an amazing time and really didn't want to come home.  Now rather than just have me blather on about how great everything was, I thought I would share the best tips we found before leaving and the best advice we discovered whilst being there.  To make these posts easier to read I am going to break them up into weekly updates maybe with one or two bonus posts thrown in.  

Before I kick off with these posts, I have to include a link to a Facebook Group.  This group is essential for anyone planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. At your fingertips you have a wealth of experience from people that have been through the planning process before and a wealth of tips from people who are really helpful and willing to share.  Join the group Disneyland Paris for Brits, you will find it invaluable.

So where to start? If you are just thinking about going, please do it! I can not recommend it enough, it really was the happiest place on earth for us but we are all big Disney fans.  In our group it was myself, wife and our 7yr old daughter.  My mum, dad and my younger sister who has some physical and learning disabilities.  I mention my sisters disabilities because I can share some advice on how we got around the park later on in these posts.

Whenever travelling abroad I like to try to learn at least the basics of the native language.  I think it's good manners and you never know when it will come in handy.  With French I think most British people can just about get by from our basic secondary school teachings but a refresher and the chance to challenge yourself to get better should always be welcomed.  I don't think you have to speak French to go to Disney, every staff member we spoke to had brilliant English however there was one day, that was incredibly hot and we really wanted some ice cream (Créme Glacée).  We eventually found somewhere on Main Street but another guest just walked out and assumed we were French, He told me (in French) that they were closing for about 20 minutes to re-stock.  I could just about understand, thank him and explain that I was English.  It's little things like this that I think really help when you can understand the native language. To learn languages I use an app on my phone called Duolingo, it's free and great for basic learning, it's not the most perfect way to learn another language but it is free.

Disneyland Paris Tips

Disney Tip #1

Check your Eurostar tickets, you probably won't sit with the rest of your family, Call Eurostar as they may be able to relocate everybody to sit together. We managed to get two sets of 4 seats with tables but I think this may depend on the time of year and how busy the train is.

We booked as one large group through Magic Breaks who dealt with everything superbly and everything went to plan without a hitch. We travelled by Eurostar which again was all included in the package from Magic Breaks.  Throughout these posts you'll see little tips pop up in Disney characters or pictures like the one opposite. The journey by train was pretty straight forward, in light of recent tragedies in the U.K security was very tight but we expected as much and made sure we had extra time to get through the security checks.  We made sure that we had plenty of activities with us to keep the kids busy throughout the journey. Remember that France is one hour ahead of the UK, our phones adjusted automatically but mechanical watches will need to be changed.  The great thing about travelling by Eurostar was arriving at Disney.  You literally arrive just outside the park, again at the park security was tight but it's all there for a good reason.  After a little confusion we figured that the hotel we were staying in (Newport Bay Club) was just past the Disney Village and huge balloon.  This balloon is not included in the entrance price for the park, it was €12.00 per adult and I think maybe €6.00 per child.  

Arriving at the Hotel

The first thing that strikes me about all the hotel's I saw was the size, these hotels are massive.  Newport Bay Club was very impressive with over a thousand rooms.  We had heard tales of massive queues in Disney hotels to check in.  In fact I believe that there is some sort of service you pay for where you check in at a separate location but I didn't see this on my visit.  We were pleasantly surprised on arrival that the queue was very small and we're British so queuing is our thing. The check in happens in two stages, At the first counter you give the booking name, they then give you a clipboard and pen with a form to fill out.  You are supposed to fill this in whilst waiting in another line.  This is an awkward experience, everyone was struggling to hold hand luggage, move suitcases and find a good writing position.  I found the form to be very squashed together and very small, it would be much better spaced out more and over two pages but hey. The second counter at check in is where you hand in the form you filled out.  They then run through things like breakfast times, room key's and meal vouchers if you have them (more on this later).

The Newport Bay Club Hotel was beautiful, even if we did only use it a place to crash at the end of very long days.  We didn't get back until 11pm-12pm every night we stayed and we were all just exhausted.  The whole hotel and rooms where very clean, the cleaning staff where brilliant and very nice, in fact something I am going to come back to again and again is just how nice and helpful the entire staff at Disney were.  I really think they should open a school on customer service to train other companies.  Breakfast was served in the beautiful Cape Cod Restaurant which is very large and provides a buffet breakfast.  There was plenty on offer, full cooked breakfasts, continental style and even pastries.  There is something for everyone.  This hotel also offer's an inside and outside pool which was very popular during our stay with other guests.  We had incredible weather throughout our stay with the temperature staying at around 34℃.  Our group did not have the time to experience the pool but we could hear how busy it was so I am taking that as a good review.

Planning is key

Now after making the booking and getting your travel and hotel all sorted I can understand that you want it all to be done and just wait for the holiday to come round but there is more you should do to make sure you make the most of this holiday.  For me I think this is a very expensive holiday so I wanted to make sure that I made the most of it and got as much for my money as I possible could.  I think I achieved this but for my daughter she was super excited about it and again wanted to do loads to make the most of her holiday.  So in order to do this planning is key, there are two key things that I would recommend you plan once you have you holiday all booked.

Meal Plans

Eating at Disney is not cheap so this will vary depending on your budget, there is a huge McDonalds located in the Disney village that was rammed every night.  I think this may well be the cheapest eating option there is but like I said I wanted to make the most of spending this much money on a long weekend holiday.  So my wife and I sat down and started going through all the different meal plans.  This was frustrating and confusing to say the least! My wife really loves the film Rataouille and really wanted to experience eating at Remy's restaurant, my daughter really wanted to meet all the Disney characters, I mean ALL of them.  I knew this would be impossible so we looked at the meal plans to help us achieve this.  We started with Bistro Chez Remy and then slowly added other restaurants like Buffalo Bill's, Auberge De Cendrillon (ADC), Annettes Diner.  We picked Remy's and ADC because of the character meet and greets.  We picked Buffalo Bill because it sounded like such a different experience to anything else you can get at the park and we picked Annettes Diner for our final day because it's a 50's/60's American themed Diner where the waitress's roll around in skates.  I will review the restaurants in a future post in much more detail. We first tried to work out how much our meals would cost if we didn't pick a meal plan and just paid cash at each of these restaurants.  I didn't keep the figures from this calculation but it was lots, lots and lots. Now each type of meal plan only allows you to pick certain restaurants, we ended up going for the Premium meal plan which I think cost us about €500.00 euro for the three of us but the plus side of this meant that we didn't need to take much cash with us at all.  Once you book one of these meal plans you then pick up vouchers when you check in to your hotel. In order to get the restaurants we wanted we had to take this meal plan but like I said it meant we could get more character meets without eating time out of our day and have some cool experiences like the Wild West Show.  It's a lot of money, but I think it was worth it and I'll explain why in my restaurant review coming up.

Disneyland Paris Tips from Wonder Kids

Disney Tip #2

When you stay at one of the Disney Hotel's, you get Early entrance into the parks before it opens to the general public. This is called Early Magic Hours.  get to the biggest best rides or the most popular meet and greets first thing in the morning to beat the queues.  Many people skip an early breakfast and get into the park first thing, then come back to the hotel for a later breakfast before returning to the park.

Planning the park

This I think is really important but at the same time I don't think any plans you make before you go should be set in stone.  Get yourself a park map and use youtube to do some homework to find which rides and attractions you would like to see the most.  Im telling you now that unless you are going for a week or more then you won't be able to do everything.  The thing that surprised us was the walking distance between everything.  The three main parks/areas are Studio's, Village, and the Main Park, don't think you can do one ride in studio's and then scoot on over to the main park for the next ride, you will waist loads of time just walking.  The main park is split into different lands, Fantasy Land, Discovery land, Adventure Land and Frontier Land.  Again the distance between these different lands is quite big so don't plan to be zig zagging across the park for different rides, hit one area and then move on once you have been on everything you need.  Again I will review the rides in much more detail in future posts.

Thats it for the first post in this series.  I promise I will be going into much more detail and have loads more reviews, videos and pictures coming up. Come back next week.

Batman & Justice League - Big Superhero's

Batman for grown ups Wonder Kids

Recently I launched the official Facebook Page for Wonder Kids and the response has been amazing! We post content everyday, so there are already hundreds of ideas to go through. Make sure you hit the like button so you don't miss out on great Wonder Kids ideas as we grow the platform. there are some amazing things coming.

This week is our final week of exploring Batman and the Justice League and we are going to attempt something we have never done before.  This week all the ideas are aimed at the grown ups! Mum's & Dads this is your turn to have some fun with these ideas.  Remember we have had the past four weeks filled with fun for the kids, you can go back and check them out using the buttons below.

Batman for Grown Ups Wonder Kids

Adult super hero drinks, I have included Joker Juice in this series of posts for the kids but these are strictly for grown ups only! Try each one and let me know which was your favourite on our Facebook Page.

The Bruce Wayne Drink Wonder Kids

Serves 1

4½ oz. black iced coffee
2 oz bourbon

¼–½ oz. maple syrup (depending how sweet you like it)

Brew a pot of coffee and let chill until cold, or dilute cold-brew coffee concentrate with an equal amount of cold water. Measure all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake thoroughly, until chilled and foamy. Strain into glass over ice.

The Boy Wonder Drink Wonder Kids

Serves 1

3 oz. orange juice
2 oz. sparkling wine
1 oz. silver tequila
Splash grenadine or maraschino cherry juice

Pour tequila, juice, and sparkling wine into a champagne flute and stir. Tilt glass slightly and slowly pour grenadine down the side so that it settles at the bottom. Garnish with a lime slice.

The Joker Drink Wonder Kids

Serves 1

3 oz. grape Jolly Rancher-infused vodka (see below) 

¼ oz. lime juice


To make the infused vodka: Unwrap 10–12 purple Jolly Ranchers and put them in a sealable jar or bottle. Add 1½ cups of vodka, seal, shake, and let sit overnight or until candy fully dissolves when you shake the bottle. Chill until ready to use.

Add 3 oz. infused vodka and lime juice to a Collins glass with ice, stir, and fill with seltzer. Garnish with lime slice.

Poison Ivy Drink Wonder Kids

Serves 1

2 oz. gin
1 oz. St. Germain
¾ oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice
3 sprigs fresh basil
2 sprigs fresh mint

Muddle all ingredients well in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice, shake vigorously for at least 20 seconds (this will help break up the herbs and give the drink its color and flavor), and strain into a coupe glass.

Mr Freeze Drink Wonder Kids

6 oz. pineapple juice

1½ oz. white rum

1½ oz. blue Curaçao

3–4 blue raspberry Jolly Rancher candies (optional)

The night before making: Divide pineapple juice between sections of an ice cube tray and freeze until solid. 

Crush Jolly Rancher candies with a mortar and pestle, or seal in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin or another heavy kitchen tool. Empty “crystals” onto a small plate. Rub the rim of a margarita or hurricane glass with a lime slice and roll it in the candy crystals to coat, then chill glass in fridge or freezer while you blend the cocktail. 

Combine frozen pineapple juice cubes, rum, and blue Curaçao in a blender, pulse to break up the frxjhsdjhgvcjhsvjhcvskhcsvkhbkice, and blend until smooth. Pour into glass. Serve with a straw (and maybe a spoon).

Alfred Drink Wonder Kids

Serves 8

2 cups Pimm’s No. 1
3 cups brewed black tea, chilled
2 12-oz. bottles ginger beer, like Reed’s or Gosling’s 

1 lemon
1 orange
6 sprigs fresh mint, plus more for glass garnishes

Wash lemon and orange and slice them into thin rounds. Add citrus, Pimm’s and tea to a large pitcher, stir, and keep in the fridge at least one hour or until chilled. To serve, stir in ginger beer, pour into glasses filled with ice, and garnish with mint and a lemon slice. 

Optional: If you’d like a boozier drink, add 1 oz. of gin to your glass before serving, and then stir in the Pimm’s mixture.

Now no Superhero fan wouldn't be complete without some cool hoodies or tops.  These are great gifts for Fathers Day or Mothers Day too.  I found loads in my search So I have put together a gallery of ideas and some quick links to save you time too.


Now you can accessorise yourself too, so if wearing superhero clothes is a little to full on for you how about just getting one of these accessories for the house or your man cave (bat cave).

Thats it for this week, some great gift ideas for the grown up superhero's.  You should try at least one of the drinks I included, thy really are worth it.  Now you think your a big Batman fan? check out these real Batches that fans have made.  Maybe a new Man Cave is needed?

Batman & Justice League - Snacks

Batman party food from Wayne Wonder

It's another new week and I have a whole bunch of perfect treats for any little batman fans out there. Last week I launched a brand new party concept.  Magic Skillz is a new party option for children aged 9-12yrs, I can come along and wow the guests with an award winning close up magic show, I then spend the rest of the party teaching the guests how to perform some of the magic tricks they have just seen.  This is a really unique type of party where the guests leave feeling empowered by the new skills they have learned and will be showing all their friends and family the new tricks.

Magic Skillz party from Wayne Wonder

Party for kids 9+

Find out more about this great new idea in birthday parties  and get a quote in minutes for Wayne Wonder to come to your party.

Lets kick this week off with some super easy snacks, I'll warn you now that these are not the healthiest of snacks but a treat every now and again like at a birthday party is no problem what so ever.

Harley Quinn Hammers

Just blocks of cheese with a toothpick inserted into them, thats it, it doesn't get much easier.

Harley Quinn Hammers from Wonder Kids

Poison Ivy Seeds

Two shades of green M&M's in a bowl, you see I told you this was simple. You can buy the M&M's here

Poison Ivy Seeds from Wonder Kids
Batman Crisp Cones Wonder Kids

Crisp Cones

Another quick simple idea, roll coloured card into a cone shape and tape them together, add the superhero logo to the top of the cone and fill with the kids favourite crisps. This is a great way of controlling how many crisps the kids eat.  If you roll the cone up tighter than you can even fill them with less than an entire bag of crisps. Fun and healthier for the kids.  These ones are all Batman but just change the colours and logo for at the whole of the Justice League.  I have included a list of them below.

Click on the picture to watch the How to video

Click on the picture to watch the How to video

Are you ready to go more in depth? Lets start with these awesome Oreo cake pops.  You can have the entire Justice League in cake pop form.  You will need some food colouring pens so I have added a link below to save you some time.  Just click on the picture of them to be zoomed through the internet to the creator's video.  It's a great step by step video, they are easy to make, you CAN do this.


So who are the Justice League, they are a team of Superhero's that came into existence before the Avengers.  The original team consisted of Batman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Man Hunter.  The tea, has since grown and some members have left to go on other adventures etc.  Make sure you come back next week for more Batman and the Justice League fun, we are going to be doing something that we have never done before! You don't want to miss that one.  Before you go you will need a great drink to wash down all of these treats so how about some Joker Juice? You can also find all of our other Justice League ideas using the buttons below. 

Joker Juice from Wonder Kids

Lime Sorbet (Lemon & Lime sorbet works too)
Lemon-Lime Soda (Lilt or sprite)
Fresh Limes


Slice limes and put in the bottom of the pitcher of punch bowl.  For the pitcher, slice at least four limes (the more the merrier) and for the punch bowl, slice up at least six.Next add in the lime sorbet.  For a pitcher you’re looking at 8-10 scoops of sorbet and for the punch bowl, the entire container.Next it’s time for the lemon-lime soda (use your favorite brand).  If you want the fun foaming effect just pour it on in.  If you want less foam, gently pour the soda into the pitcher or punch bowl until it’s filled.