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Wayne Wonder Based in Gloucestershire in the U.K is one of the country's leading children's entertainers and winner of multiple awards across his field.

As a magician and children's entertainer I am constantly on the look out for new ideas, different takes on old ideas and practically anything I can add into my repertoire.  As a by product of this I come across or invent lots of ideas that for one reason or another I can't fit into my shows.  That doesn't mean that they are no good in fact many of them work great for ideas to try at home.  I only realised this after having my daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed them.  That's why I have created this resource, for families to visit take away what they want and try these things at home.  You have everything at your fingertips for great, easy and inexpensive ideas for your little ones at home.  Going out to new experiences and spending time together as a family is important if not crucial to a child's development but that doesn't mean you have to go out and spend lots of money every time, you can create amazing memories just by investing a little bit of time at home with these great ideas.

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Sleepover's - More ideas

Im back with the final part of my Sleepover blogs.  I have found a few more ideas that I couldn't fit into the other posts but I thought they were just too good to miss out on. You can find the other three blogs using the links below.

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I also have an announcement to make, I have now launched the official Wonder Kids group on Facebook, All of these blog posts will be uploaded to the group as well as lots of videos in the future.  Plus as it is a group on Facebook it's a great platform to communicate and share ideas on.  If you find any really good ideas, then YOU too can post to a growing community.  To get started in this group just click on the image below and join the group.  It's will be a growing friendly and creative group, great to get ideas for fun things to try at home.

Giant Naughts & Crosses

I think this would work great as part of a tournament where the competition gets harder and winners get to play on.  The kids that lose a game have to pick a side to cheer on and win a prize if their team wins.  So you could start with rounds of giant naughts and crosses, then move onto Balloon Ping Pong and then on to Gross Test etc. So here's what you need - 

Tape, masking tape, washi tape or electrical tape.  In prefer masking tape

10 x paper plates

1 x big chunky marker pen, any colour will do

Pretty self explanatory, tape the grid on the floor.  Mark 5 plates with crosses and 5 plates with naughts each player picks a side and away you go.  

Design your own Eye Masks

Another super simple but totally cool idea.  Great for something to do whilst everyone is arriving or as a chill out activity later in the day.  All you need are some cheap eye masks (click here), some fabric pens and some stick on sequins.

Before we carry on, I was invited back to the Lollipop Lighthouse recently and I showed the Captain how to make a Balloon Penguin, watch the video below and make sure you subscribe to the channel, it's free and now has loads of great entertainment just for kids.

Samurai Pillow Fight

Use the second piece of fabric to tie the cardboard handle to the pillowcase. Now yell “Cowabunga!!!” because it’s ninja pillow fight time.

These awesome pillow weapons look super cool and take pillow fights to a whole new level. Her's what you need:

  • White Cotton Pillowcase
  • Red, Orange, Blue Fabric (1 yard of each is way more than enough)
  • White String
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard Tube
  • Fabric Pens
  • Soft, Fluffy Pillows

Step 1

Take the cardboard tube from a paper towel roll and cut it into 7-inch pieces. Using a strip of fabric about 12” x 18”, place the cardboard tube along the short side of the fabric and roll it up.

Step 2

Tuck the remaining fabric inside the tube to secure it. Then wrap the white string around the tube to create a diamond samurai sword pattern.

Step 3

Use the second piece of fabric to tie the cardboard handle to the pillowcase. Now yell “Cowabunga!!!” because it’s ninja pillow fight time, just add some artwork with the fabric pens and your all set.


Wayne Wonder is one of the UK's leading family entertainers, a multi award winning magician and balloon artist, he's also a published poet and father of one.  As well as a few TV credits to his name Wayne has performed in three different countries.  Wayne Wonder's Kids Club was only launched in 2014 and since then has changed dramatically.  If you have found this blog helpful/interesting then please do let us know in the comments below.  Please do share these posts on your favourite social media too.

Sleepover's - Girly Fun

Wowzers it's been a brilliant but hectic couple of weeks for me, with extra birthday parties to perform at due to the kids breaking up for school holidays and dozens of school end of term parties too! all mixed together with the hottest weather of the year and I have just been exhausted by the time I got home.  My apologies for the delay but I'm now back on board and to make up for my absence I am releasing three blog posts all in one week.  Make sure you take advantage of them, you can find links to them at the end of this post.

Before we crack on, I have included a form below to sign up to the Wonder Kids e-mails. I can then send you some great activities to try out during the school holidays. I also have my theatre show on Saturday 3rd September in High Wycombe, this is just before the kids go back to school and it's going to be a big crazy show.

This week we get all girly and look at some simple but really cool ideas for girls to do at a sleepover, now I think some of these ideas are perfectly unisex and can easily be done with a minor tweak at a boys sleepover too. 

Pillow Bed

The first thing this week is a really cool pillow bed, I want one of these for myself! We do have a bean bag in our front room at the moment and I have already decided that if/when that breaks I will be replacing it with a bigger version of one of these pillow beds. 

This really couldn't be simpler.  Buy four large pillows, these can either be all the same design or four different designs for a more funky bed.  All you need to do is sow all four pillow cases together and then put the pillows back in.  This is even easier if you have a sowing machine.  I have looked around online and this version is the super easy version of it.  there is another way of making one of these by purchasing loads of fabric and measuring everything and using patterns etc, just stick with the super easy method.

Balloon Timer

This simple idea is really fun for kids.  Write an activity on a small piece of paper and stuff it inside an un-inflated balloon (I have a super simple method for this here).  Blow the balloon up and write a time using a sharpie on the balloon.  Trust me when I say use a sharpie to write on the balloon, other pens will do it but sharpies are the best for writing/drawing on balloons.  The kids then take turns to pop a balloon at the corresponding time to find out what their next activity is.  If you don't mind the mess you can make this extra fun by adding confetti/glitter into the balloon so when they pop it you have an explosion of colour.

Spin the Bottle

WHAT! I hear you cry, how old are the girls I aiming these games at? fear not, this version is Wayne Wonder Awesome and doesn't involve any yucky boys.  First you'll need to print off the FREE PDF game by clicking on the image opposite.  You'll also need a split pin to attach the arrow to the centre of the board.  You line up all different shades of nail varnish on the board and each girl takes a turn spinning the arrow, whatever colour it lands on the girl has to paint either a finger or toe nail in that colour.  Lots of fun and great for getting pictures taken after the game with all different colours on the girls nails.

Make your own pillow case


Pillow case

Fabric markers



1. It’s a good idea to do a bit of practice on paper before beginning the design on the pillowcase.

Design Ideas

  • Name
  • Favourite things
  • An entire scene
  • A quote or words

2. Once the kids are ready to go, insert a piece of paper (baking paper could be cut to size) inside the pillowcase. This will ensure the pen ink doesn’t go right through to the other side. Tip: If using a regular piece of paper, just move it around as you draw on the case.

3. Use fabric pen to draw on the design. These are easy to work with and you can find them at craft, supermarket and some discount stores.

4. Once the design is finished, iron on cotton setting (or as per pen brand instructions) for about 5 minutes to set the colour. Wash (separately on cold) and it’s ready for use!

That's it for this post but don't worry I have dozens more ideas for sleepovers, scroll down to find more sleepover posts that I have put together.



Wayne Wonder is one of the UK's leading family entertainers, a multi award winning magician and balloon artist, he's also a published poet and father of one.  As well as a few TV credits to his name Wayne has performed in three different countries.  Wayne Wonder's Kids Club was only launched in 2014 and since then has changed dramatically.  If you have found this blog helpful/interesting then please do let us know in the comments below.  Please do share these posts on your favourite social media too.

Dinosaurs! Roar!

Something tells me that Dinosaurs are about to kick off big time! Again! Jurassic World has just been out at the cinema and they have a whole toy range aimed at children already out.  The DVD will be out some time around September I think? So that tells me they want to have a big push for christmas.  

I was at a show recently and as part of my entrance music for the kids I play the Jurassic Park film music, you know the John Williams masterpiece.  A kid runs up to me and says "I know where that music is from, it's from Jurassic World! Rather than just agree I said "oh close it's from Jurassic Park"  The little boy was absolutely convinced I was making it up and it was defiantly from Jurassic World.  Boy did I feel old.

As always lets start with some great colouring sheets, just click on the image to bring up the pdf of each picture that you can print out.

Games to play with Dinosaur toys

Dinosaur Guess Who - Line up all the dinosaur toys and get someone to choose just one but not to say which one.  Then everyone else can take turns to ask questions to find out which one was chosen. i.e does it have horns, is it red etc

Feeler bag Dinosaurs - place one of the dinosaurs in a cloth bag so the the kids can not see it.  Let them have a few seconds each to feel the dinosaur and see if they can guess what dinosaur it is.


Dinosaur Ice Eggscavation

For this you will need some very small dinosaur toys, you can often find tubes or tubs of dinosaurs at toy shops.  I am going to give you the easiest way to get pretty much anything into a balloon.  First turn the balloon inside out, then place the small toy on the bulb of the balloon and turn it back around whilst holding the toy in place.  It may take a couple of attempts but it should be easier than trying to put the toy down the neck of the balloon.  Fill the balloons with water and place on a baking tray.  Put everything in the freezer, normally overnight works fine but it may take longer.

Now the fun can start, I like to do this on a nice summer day, out in the garden, the kids can use their toys to smash at the eggs, use warm water to put over or even show them how table salt dissolves ice.

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Dinosaur Footprint Flip Flops

Now on to the big one, I always like to finish theses packs with a bigger activity.  Some people may find this one challenging but just take your time and follow the steps to make something really cool that you can use at home or take on holiday with you.

what you'll need:

  • Wood from a craft shop, modelling wood very thin
  • Hot Glue
  • Saw
  • sand paper
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Foam
  • Craft knife
  • paint
  • roll of paper

You should be able to find all of this from a craft shop. Measure and mark out on the sheet of wood the size of the flip flops, you can use your childs shoe to get an idea of the size. Saw the pieces out and sand down all the edges and both sides.  You do not want splinters in kids feet.

I found the best way to do the next bit is just to custom make them for the childs feet, so get them to stand on a piece of sanded down wood whilst you make a mark with a pencil for where you need the straps (ribbon) to go. Now put a drop of hot glue at the top where it will fit between the first two toes. Put down some ribbon angling it towards the bottom, add another drop of hot glue and then put down the second ribbon.

Now all you need is a dinosaur foot to go on the bottom.  So just click the button below for a dino foot template that you can print out as a template.  Use this template to cut out the shape from the craft foam.  Ideally you want the foam to be quite thick but if it's not don't worry you can just layer it up. Use the hot glue once again to glue the dino foot to the bottom of the flip flop.

All thats left to do is roll out some paper and get some paint on the dino feet.  You could let the kids stamp in some paint but that could be messy, try a paint brush or roller to get paint on the dino feet.  You can also use water on a dry pavement to get dinosaur foot print or at the beach in some slightly wet sand.  Want more great ideas? take a look at all the past activity packs, take your pick and have some fun.