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Wayne Wonder Based in Gloucestershire in the U.K is one of the country's leading children's entertainers and winner of multiple awards across his field.

As a magician and children's entertainer I am constantly on the look out for new ideas, different takes on old ideas and practically anything I can add into my repertoire.  As a by product of this I come across or invent lots of ideas that for one reason or another I can't fit into my shows.  That doesn't mean that they are no good in fact many of them work great for ideas to try at home.  I only realised this after having my daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed them.  That's why I have created this resource, for families to visit take away what they want and try these things at home.  You have everything at your fingertips for great, easy and inexpensive ideas for your little ones at home.  Going out to new experiences and spending time together as a family is important if not crucial to a child's development but that doesn't mean you have to go out and spend lots of money every time, you can create amazing memories just by investing a little bit of time at home with these great ideas.

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Ahoy Pirates!

Hello and welcome to my Activity Centre.  This is the first post of the second year that I have been providing these packs.  I love putting them together, most of the ideas I find or come up with I do try with my daughter, her friends and my other relatives first.  I have decided that these packs now need to get bigger and more helpful than ever before so this Pirates themed pack is the first in a new breed of posts on this blog.  I hope you enjoy it and I would love to know what you think of the ideas or if you try any of them.  So please do either comment below or reach me through social media.  

We recently took a trip to Torquay to visit some of my family and I was inspired by the lovely Pirate/Smuggler history they have down there.  You can go on a full replica of a pirate ship and see the pirate musuem too.  They had a great pirate themed shop which provided me with some great pirate supplies for my shows.

My daughter and my sister outside the pirate museum, a great local history in a beautiful place.

My daughter and my sister outside the pirate museum, a great local history in a beautiful place.

Not a great picture but both myself and my daughter on the full replica pirate ship, it was a great thing to see and I realised that a 6'5" man would not do well on a pirate ship, pirates must have been small men.

Not a great picture but both myself and my daughter on the full replica pirate ship, it was a great thing to see and I realised that a 6'5" man would not do well on a pirate ship, pirates must have been small men.

As always I like to start out with a few colouring pages, loads of kids love to colour or paint and it can keep them amused for quite some time. Just click on one of the pictures below then right click on the picture to print it.

Pirate Birthday Parties

Using Pirates as a theme for a birthday party is great idea and never seems to lack popularity unlike many Disney movie fads that come and go.  Something I am working on at the moment is making it easy for parents to add their childs own interests into my shows.  As part of this I have had this great Walk The Plank game made for me.  I like to have a fun way of getting the kids seated for party food, I already have Wayne Wonder's Limbo and a tunnel to crawl through but this idea will be great for budding pirates. A walk the plank game complete with sharks, pirate music and sound effects.


You can also use a piece of timber for a great walk the plank at your own pirate birthday parties or just as good and much easier to get a hold of is to use a leftover piece of laminate wood flooring.  I have just done this at home for my daughter to play with.

For birthday parties I already offer my custom designed Pirate Wayne Wonder invites that are FREE to download, just click on the image opposite.  I also have two other professionally designed party invitations. Wayne Wonder Party Invites Here. 

For a great Pirate Birthday Party you'll also need a few other bits too, so here are a few more downloads for you to use for FREE! 

We have pirate birthday banners and our first pirate game, pin the eye patch on the pirate. more details below.

Just click the images above for the free downloads.  I would suggest using either blu tac or sticky back foam to attach the eye patches to the pirate.  Each child gets a different colour patch and you'll need a "bandana" to use as a blindfold.

Click the button for your FREE pirate birthday banner's too

Before we move onto some great pirate games, I think allowing kids to use their imaginations is an amazing tool to unleash.  So creating something like this backdrop will go down very well and it will make for loads of great photo's to keep those memories. Don't be intimidated by it, it's actually really easy.  You'll need a cardboard display board that you can buy from your local Hobby Craft store.  Then use some striped fabric for a backdrop and this comes together really quickly.


Pirate Games

Here's another great Pirate themed game, captain hooks ring toss.  We did this at my daughter's third birthday party which was a princess & pirate party.  We used a cardboard display board from Hobby Craft and my wife painted it into a pirate design but you could just use some pirate themed fabric or tablecloth to cover the board.  Then buy some cheap toy pirate hooks and glue them on the board, we used our hot glue gun which did a great job.  For the rings you could use frisbees, rope loops or what we used were polystyrene rings again from hobby craft and spray painted them gold.

Treasure Hunt

Think of pirates and you think of treasure so a treasure hunt just comes natural.  You have to try this and I have a frozen themed treasure hunt on this blog here

First things first, you'll need a prize as the "treasure" or you could use a prize at every clue if you are doing this at a party I would recommend having enough prizes for every guest at every clue so just go to your local pound shop and have a look for some bits like tattoos, stickers and toys.  The clues only need to be printed on pieces of paper but how do you make the clues up well here are some good clues - 

Here’s an example of some treasure hunt clues. We used 10 simple clues aimed at 5- to 7-year-olds:

  • Clue #1: If you’re in a hungry mood, go here first and find some food. (I put Clue #2 in the pantry.)
  • Clue #2: Now you’re on your second clue, these go on before your shoes. (I put Clue #3 in their sock draw.)
  • Clue #3: If you want your teeth to shine, pick this up and spend some time. (I put Clue #4 under their toothbrushes.)
  • Clue #4: If you want to learn and grow, turn the page, get in the know. (I put Clue #5 in a book on their bookcase.)
  • Clue #5: Add some color to your days! Pick these up; you’re on your way. (I put Clue #6 in their art drawer with crayons and paint.)
  • Clue #6: Take a walk and step outside, this is where you go to ride. (I put Clue #7 in the tire rim of our van.)
  • Clue #7: Time to chill, time to think; please go here for a cool, cool drink. (I put Clue #8 in the fridge on a shelf they could reach easily.)
  • Clue #8: Keep it clean and keep it dry. Can you guess? Come on, just try. (I put Clue #9 on top of our washer in the laundry room.)
  • Clue #9: You’re almost at the very end, but this is where your guests come in. (I taped Clue #10 to the front door.)
  • Clue #10: The final clue. The final prize. Look into this to see your eyes. (I put the treasure box in the master bathroom in front of our large mirror. They actually went to every other mirror in the house first, so it was fun watching them get so close but have to keep looking.)

You can also visit this website for some brilliant clues, clues online.

So you have your clues and you have the big prize at the end or your little prizes with every clue. Now you need to hide the clues in the correct places making sure that they are all in locations that the kids can get to easily and safely.  Also I think it's really important that you go along with them and encourage them, let hem think about each clue and only help them a little if they really need it, you can even give them the old hot or cold hints if they are close to getting the clue.


This is a great idea but maybe a little time consuming.  Get a pack of black balloons, here's a link. Fill each ballon with some small sweets.  To find out the best way of doing this take a look at my Dinosaur activity pack below.  Every child gets a balloon and must pop it to get the sweets.  This could be used instead of a piñata combined with maybe mission impossible music and this game gets crazy quickly. As the first few kids manage to pop the balloons the kids that are struggling will get more and more frantic to pop their balloons, give it a try.  Something else I like with this idea is not filling the balloons with sweets but get more than one balloon per kid and fill it with a decent amount of glitter, in the summer you could fill it with water.  Every balloon popped is a point, as the balloons are popped the glitter goes everywhere.  This is a very messy game, don't do it in your front room but the kids will love it.  A prize to everyone at the end for popping all the cannonballs.

Pirate Barrel Toss

This is a little something extra I came across in my research for this pack.  Pirate tin can toss game.  Click the image for the link to buy that version but you can also make it at home with some empty tin cans.  Print a skull & cross bones and tape to each can, then use any small ball to throw at the cans.  Ideally if you use a black ball it can be a cannon ball.

Before we move into some great pirate crafts remember you can get your hands on a great Wayne Wonder prize bundle just by posting a picture of you and your family enjoying any activity  from this blog on the official Wayne Wonder Facebook Page.  Click the picture below to go through to the page now and remember to like the page and post your pics.

Pirate Crafts

Here are a couple of great pirate themed crafts that work great as activities for home or for something to do at a birthday party.

Pirate Balloon Swords - Here is one of my Ballooniversity video's on how to make a balloon pirate sword.  Take your time, you can do this and make some great pirate swords for your kids.  They will love it. Click here for your balloon supplies

Pirate Boats - these are super easy and lots of fun for kids. They can make these boats themselves with just a little help from you.    

What you'll need - 

  • 3 x small Corks (at least three needed per boat, but try using more than 3 for a more impressive boat)
  • Rubber bands
  • Toothpicks
  • Craft Paper or Fab Foam
  • White Paint (optional)
  • String (optional)

You should be able to pick the corks up at your local hobby craft store.  wrap the rubber bands around the corks making sure the corks are secure and will not fall out. Make a sail using the craft paper, fab foam actually works better and is more water proof than craft paper.  Place the toothpick into the centre cork trying to make sure its a centred as possible.  Then add the sail onto the toothpick.  You can paint a design on the sail before adding to the boat for personalised boats.

You can use this in just a bowl of water or a bath tub, even better though is to go to a local stream or lake and set them in there.  If you're going to put them in a river or lake then add some string, tying it around one of the rubber bands like a string leash so you don't lose them.

Update March 2017

These cork boats have now been featured on a brilliant You Tube Channel just for Kids, watch me make them in just a couple of minutes.

Well we are at the end of another blog post,  I hope that you have enjoyed this collection and that you take the time to try just one thing here, your kids will love it.  Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions you can always get in touch through social media.  Why not try one of my older packs below before you leave and make sure you come back next month for more great ideas.