Wonder Kids Re-Mix is where I give a new lease of life to my oldest posts.  Every few months I take an old blog post and completely re-vamp it here.  

Wonder Kids Re-Mixed

Welcome to Wonder Kids Remix, This is where I will be taking my oldest posts and giving them a whole new lease of life.  The Wonder Kids Blog has been creating away since 2014 and to be frank the oldest posts are a bit of an embarrassment.  So we will be adding loads of new content, making it easier to find and adding new media like videos to the older posts.  Every few months I will pick another one of my oldest posts to give it a Re-Mix.

Tinkerbell and Fairies get re-mixed by Wonder Kids

The first post to get the Re-Mix treatment is my Despicable Me post from back in 2014.  I have kept and updated some of the best ideas and added in some new great ideas to make it loads more fun.  

Lets start with one of my original ideas from the 2014 blog post, Take on the Minions! I show you how to make some simple Minion pins out of 2ltr drinks bottles which can be used for Minion Bowling or my favourite idea is to combine them with Nerf guns, place the pins all. around the room or outside (you can use a little water in the bottle to add some weight if needed, not too much because you still want the pins to fall over when shot) then set someone loose with a Nerf gun to see how many targets they can hit or how man y they hit within a time limit.  My nephews loved this. Just click on the images opposite for the full guide and instructions.

The first of the new ideas with these Cookie Robots.  Now, if you have followed this blog for any amount of time then you will know that I love cooking and I love getting kids in the kitchen.  Schools do not do enough to get kids confident in the kitchen (not their fault, it's lacking on the curriculum) So I think that something like making delicious cookies is a great way to start, after this move onto the brand new Kids Kitchen section of this blog and I would recommend trying to make a homemade Pizza after doing cookies.  When they see how easy it is to make something amazing they will just want to make more and more, so keep it fun, remember mess can be cleaned later and the skills and knowledge the kids are getting from this experience will just help them more and more as they get older. Click on one of the pictures opposite for the full ingredient list and how to make them.

This is another great Re-Mix, I included these on my original post but that was before the Purple Evil Minions existed. These are super simple, great craft for birthday parties and you should be able to find everything needed at a local hobby shop.  Just click on the pics for the full details of how to make these colourful minion visors/hats.

I originally had a memory game back in my original post from 2014 but this brings it bang up to date.  The graphics are better and now it's all superhero themed too! just click on the pictures for the full instructions and the FREE downloads.  All you need to do is print them out, stick them together and you have a great affordable game that the kids will play for hours.  It really shows what Wonder Kids is all about.

To cap this first ever Re-Mix off I have included some of my favourite ideas for a Minions themed Birthday Party.  This includes an inspirational party table, super easy Minion cups and one more fantastic game where you need to save the minions from turning into the purple evil minions.  

I really hope that you find some great ideas through these blog posts, I really hope that you give them a try.  I think they are all quite easy and I would love to know how you got on with them.  Stay in touch through my social media below, I'm always there.