Wonder Kids Re-Mix is where I give a new lease of life to my oldest posts.  Every few months I take an old blog post and completely re-vamp it here.  

Wonder Kids Re-Mixed

Welcome to Wonder Kids Remix, This is where I will be taking my oldest posts and giving them a whole new lease of life.  The Wonder Kids Blog has been creating away since 2014 and to be frank the oldest posts are a bit of an embarrassment.  So we will be adding loads of new content, making it easier to find and adding new media like videos to the older posts.  Every few months I will pick another one of my oldest posts to give it a Re-Mix.

Tinkerbell and Fairies get re-mixed by Wonder Kids

We are almost half way through the year and it's time to update one of our older posts again.  This time I am taking our old post from back in 2015 of Tinkerbell and the Fairies, to give it a whole new lease of life.

We are going to start with one of the original ideas from 2015, A fairy discovery bottle, in just a few steps you can make this cool glittery fairy ornament.  Give it a go, try it out in the garden over the summer. Just click on the picture for the full details.

Fairy houses, this are so cool and although I did write about one back in 2015 it was rather basic and now with the re-mix I have gone back and updated what is possible, shown you some easier way's to do things and over the past two years I have made some friends that make fairy accessories too. click on the pics to find out more.

Fairy Freakshake, Yes freakshakes are a "thing", I'd never heard about them before but these are so simple and they taste as sweet as they look.  Any fairy in training would love these, just click on the pic below for the full recipe. I have also added dozens of fairy food fun into our Kids Kitchen

I can't believe that back in 2015 I never included one fairy based craft, well I have made up for it now. I love the flower bracelets , so simple and they look great.  It's also something you make whilst out and about, say maybe out for a walk in the woods?  The dragon fly's take a little more effort but again use quite basic materials to make something amazing. Just click on the pictures for the full details.

We now even have Fairy games, A bubble catch game with easy links for all the equipment needed and a great idea for a brilliant Tinkerbell themed treasure hunt.  We also have a fun fairy Potion instructions too, just click on the pictures for all the details.  This page is by no means all the fairy ideas we have on Wonder Kids, make sure you click on the links or use the search bar to find all of them. I really hope that you find some great ideas through these blog posts, I really hope that you give them a try.  I think they are all quite easy and I would love to know how you got on with them.  Stay in touch through my social media below, I'm always there.

Make sure you take a look at the last blog post I re-mixed, Loads of fun was had with the Minions with dozens of new ideas added.  Just click on the picture below to find them.